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When we look for the meaning of the Yogiman, we end up in Java, Indonesia.
There was once a man who was very ashamed of man and society, of the violence and discontent in our world. Because he had such a hard time with the behavior of his fellow man, he decided to spend his life in meditation. For this he chose the well-known attitude.
It is said that he wept at the evil and injustice in society, that he could no longer bear to bear the suffering of man.
By going into meditation, he has discovered happiness within himself. He realized that deep down in his heart he can be happy, and there will always be peace within himself.
The Yogiman shows us that life is a recurring thing and runs in a circle, so to speak. There is no beginning and no end. Every ending represents a new beginning, a rebirth.
The life lesson that this image gives us is that through humility and strength life always starts again and we are born again.
He also shows us that we find our strength within ourselves and not outside ourselves so that we are not dependent on others and the world around us.